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From Powerless to Power Girl!

A moment before all hell broke loose!

“Vulnerability is the new power!” so says, Bo Eason. This sounds odd coming from a former professional football player, but his story is compelling and touches on the human/spiritual factor that we all have a purpose in our lives. Each of us has a story to tell of transformation that can help someone else. The story may seem personal and leave you feeling vulnerable but when you release your story into the universe, it will gain you power… Woah, I want to try that! After all, I changed on

e of my songs from, “I Am Powerless” to “I’m a Power-girl.” Thus, making me feel transformed from “powerless” to “power-girl.”

Have you ever felt completely powerless? Where everything you do is not good enough and everyone else seems to be winning, while you’re sadly lagging behind, having feelings of doubt and dread? Do you ever have the feeling that people are taking advantage of you, because you’re a woman or because you’re a kind, loving, giving, people person? That was/is me!

I believe that, all feelings are what keep us in check, after all, if we did not feel these things, we’d have nothing but boring daily ho hums, to write about. In a monotone voice, “I woke up to the sound of the birds singing, the sun shining, the dog waiting patiently for me to take him on a walk.” And the next day. “I woke up to the sound of the birds singing, the sun shining, the dog waiting patiently for me to take him on a walk.” Every morning the same BORING thing! When really my day starts like this… In an agitated, excited voice, “At 5 am, I hear the sound of my dog scratching at the door, the screech of my roommates’ African Grey, my dog tipping over the glass of water on the table next to me with his tail impatiently waging, waiting for me to get up and go for a walk.” Well, that describes my morning most of the time. I know that for some of you this is nothing, but I just wanted to make a point that, life is all about little mishaps that make it interesting. They can make us laugh and cry. Life can be about laughing at adversity. It’s not the hand of cards you hold but the face you wear when holding them that makes you a winner!

It is good to have balance, of good and bad, in your life. Without knowing what sadness is, you’ll never really know or appreciate what happiness is. Having the “lows and highs” of emotions are an important aspect to being. Like when I talk about music in my book, Change the World – Write Your Song, needing to have “tension and release” in order to perpetuate the song and listener. If your life is pleasant and each day is the same feeling of joy, exuberance without any sadness then, you’d have no dynamics, no LIFE, in your life. It’s not natural. Doesn’t the ocean have an ebb and flow or the moon a wax and wane? It’s electricity of negative and positive. I guess I am obsessed with this “opposites attract thing” cause the meaning I am getting at closely follows my blog, The Joy Of Sadness.

To be able to take all the things you know and use them for your purpose in life is your story. Everything has purpose, why you took the classes you did in school, why you didn’t go to school, why you took that job or why you didn’t take that job, it all has a purpose. You just have to figure out what it is, cause having a passion for what you do, is the key to happiness. So, why not tell your story. Start by writing about the lowest of low beginning and then tell us how you strived to go higher. If you’re still standing at that low tide then, just start writing and soon the answer will come. As long as you are looking for the answer to your purpose. Be quite and listen to your inner voice (not the judgement voice), the inner voice that floods you with a wave of an idea that seemed to come from nowhere. That is your inner voice but you have to be still enough to listen! The saying “Let go let God” comes to mind.

When I tell my story, from “powerless” to “power-girl” and I can transform someone’s feelings from bad to better, it makes me happy. That can be your gift and power, too. So, my background in powerlessness is a key element to my well-being!… I’ll say that again. My story of powerlessness is a key element to my well-being. I know the feeling of powerlessness and in knowing this, enables me to help someone else. I no longer spend time being the victim of circumstances because I know that my purpose is my creation. Everything in my life so far has been set before me because I have internally asked for it! So, go ahead and feel powerless, but do counter balance it with a powerful resolve! Like me you can begin with feeling powerlessness and end with being a power-girl/boy!

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