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Change The World – Write Your Song!

Wow, powerful huh? Can it be done? My Grandmother use to tell me, “Can’t never did nothing” she also said “Hook your chin to a star.” So…..Change The World – Write Your Song!.. And why not? I have my chin firmly hooked to a star and can’t is a word for people who give up. I do believe in the “law of attraction.” We are like magnets pulling the things we are thinking and feeling towards us. I want to change the world through song. If everyone were to write a song this world would be better off. Yes, I have said that before, it is nothing new, but each time I say it the more chances people will listen and understand. After all, the world could use a big hug!

Join me in becoming a part of the earth’s choir and write a song – “Write Your Song!” When you know and love yourself though the songs that you write it will be easier for others to know and love you. When they see how songwriting helps you, they may try it! Spreading the love of songwriting will turn the world into a perpetual songwriting machine. Imagine everyone on a street corner or park bench writing their song. You can’t go to war with a guitar in your hand and a song in your heart. Peace will prevail. With the knowledge of self comes wisdom. To write your song is like a DNA pattern it is about you and that’s all that matters. Imagine the gift you’ll give to someone. If you share “The Secret” to saving the world is just writing your song.

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