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Nice review  of This Desert Place... 

"This Desert Place" is a captivating new release from seasoned singer/songwriter Jena Douglas. Told from the perspective of a young woman adjusting to rural life in the Southwest, "This Desert Place" features an eclectic, sometimes experimental arrangement that draws the listener in and never lets them go. A brisk country waltz, augmented by snippets of real audio and clever sound design, this tune is a perfect vehicle for Douglas' gorgeously earnest vocal style; simultaneously intimate, yet powerful and dynamic. Douglas successfully recreates the vibe and atmosphere of the Southwest here, by effectively employing tremolo electric guitar, harmonica, jaw harp, and even a vibraslap, representing the sound of a rattlesnake. "This Desert Place" should have little problem finding an audience, especially among country music fans who are looking for something slightly outside of the box. Be sure to check out Jena Douglas' other fine work, available on all major streaming platforms.


Strongest Point(s):   Outstanding production, excellent mix. Good tonal balance. Rhythm section is tight, holding down that waltz groove. Tremolo guitar sounds fantastic, great choice for a desert tune. Love the little elements of sound design and real audio, they really add a layer of characterization and personality that's fairly uncommon in most modern country. Brilliant vocal performance, in all facets. Very lucid imagery, lyrically. Incredibly engaging arrangement. I especially enjoyed the snare/jaw harp section that starts around 3:05. There's so much attention to detail here, and every small sound has its own specific role to play. Overall, its simply a wonderful track. Very impressive, cohesive work!

- Steven Azami ( Review from Radioplay)

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