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A Song for love is a song for peace!

I recently, have had a fight with one of my family members. It’s the kind of stuff that break families apart but I did not want to be so hurt that I could talk to this person anymore. I had to endure the emotions I was feeling pick up my pride and write a song! This was after confronting my beloved kin. I was not going to let them ruin a perfectly good relationship just because I was hurt. After all I have dished out a few unkind words in my life that I regret and wish I could take back but there you have it. We are all different. I had to write a song.

I was unsure of how I was feeling but I wanted to write a happy song! This is a challenge for me. I have had way too much tragedy in my life but I want to keep that in the past and start remembering all the glorious moments of living in Paradise. No, literally, I was raised in a cabin nestled in the valley behind Santa Barbara Ca. called Paradise Camp. I recently came across some pictures I took when camping there with my mom ( well, recent as the early 90s). Paradise looked so much the same. It is on Forestry Land and so that decreases the amount of building going on there. Some of the most happy memories I have are in Paradise Camp. So inspired by these happy little memories I wrote a song. This song has healed my hurt in a way nothing else could. I made lemonade! I turned around a hurt feelings and replaced them with joy! Sort of writing the blues away

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