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I'll Be What I'll BeJena Douglas
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I'll Be What I'll Be

You are above me

as you are below me

We take our turns,

sharing what we’ve learned

that Crimes of a heart,

like crimes of a mind

seep into a void

we avoid each time


But you know where I’ll be

You Know where I’ll be

I’ll be where I’ll be


I am a singer

inspired by a song

and I am a joker

when things go wrong

I plead to be human

just a victim of what’s sane

or maybe I’m insane

just a pawn in life’s game


but you know what I’ll feel

You know what I’ll feel

I’ll feel what I’ll feel


The earth is below me

I tread so softly

Softly I run clean

naked trough the trees

and I can be anything

as long as I’m free

Yeh and I can believe

to believe in me


but you know what I’ll be

you know what I’ll be

I’ll Be…  What I’ll Be

Words and Music by Jena Douglas

Jena Douglas Music

All Rights Reserved ©2022

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