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Come Around AgainJena Douglas
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Come Around Again

If I could find you in my dreams tonight

I’d comfort you with all my lovin’

I’d warm your heart and take your cares away

And never release you to the cold light of day


I don’t wanna believe this love is over

don’t wanna see the end of us

I can hardly believe your love is never

comin around again

comin around again


If I could only get some peace tonight

my head can’t stop breathing all this fire

I lost the time when you were by my side

and your every wish was my desire


every morning I expect to find you here

you know I still can’t understand how something true could disappear

and just as the fall come and darkens my memory of you

the shadows will fill every corner of this empty room

Words and Music by Jena Douglas and Robinson Eikenberry

Jena Douglas Music

All Rights Reserved ©2022



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