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Whole Musician's Way! #jenadouglasmusic #musictherapy

The Whole Musician Way is about melding the human spirit with music while playing, writing and listening to music. It’s about consistently dancing with your instrument as one, smoothly moving between the form and the formless parts of the music. Music is an expression of life. It has become my partner in life. It feeds me when I’m cold… Music is my religion. As it could be yours too! After all music to most people is the center of their lives (okay, so I have a lot of music friends, duh!). The Whole Musician Way is about the spiritual connection we have as humans with music but it is also about getting comfortable with your instrument, trusting your ear and having faith in your hands finding the notes to play. The Whole Musician Way is also a teaching method. Teaching the whole musician, voice, guitar, piano, songwriting, performance and recording but more importantly to consistently meld the human spirit with music.

This music religion, The Whole Musician Way, includes all lovers of music; even the ones who don’t play an instrument. In that respect, The Whole Musician Way is opened to music lovers with one rule and that is to love, “All you need is love”. Love music and share your love of music to others. I am reminded of my son, Dylan who loves Metal music and my Dad who loves Classical music. Dylan is constantly finding music in his favorite genre to share with my dad and my dad, Walt, found the music to have great passion and emotion. He even wanted to have a copy of the music! If he doesn’t care, what the music genre is, then why should we. It’s all about how the music interacts with you when you’re feeling perceptive. The seemingly stark contrast in musical taste is crossed because of a deeper love of music. This is just a part of living; The Whole Musician Way.

I personally have a very strong belief in the scientific/spiritual approach to religion and one way to express my feelings is through music. I get some of my inspiration from classical masters like Bach or Mozart but I also can get inspired from my contemporaries. Humans need for structure and form created the genre label. I, like my father, don’t care what label is on the music if it inspires me that is all I can ask for because when my spirit is needing to write; I write! That does not mean that I have to love everything I hear but it does mean that I have to except someone’s else’s taste. After all we can’t all love just one style of music that would be boring and not The Whole Musician Way!

Music acts not only like a bridge between genres but also acts like a bridge between, politics, other religions, and conflicts. Exposing the seen and the unseen. It is the experience of the now and the then. It can take you on a journey using triggers of emotion and visual metaphors. How to teach The Whole Musician Way is to know how music works in form and formless. The form is the human body and the written musical parts and the formless is the airwaves of thought and feelings being projected out and how they are perceived by others. Most musicians have experienced The Whole Musician Way but often cannot stay there because of external distractions. While living The Whole Musician Way you are allowing yourself to be true to your spirit and body. I believe that music is spiritual no mater what your beliefs are. Music makes sense of life and the emotions that we consciously and unconscious think of. This is The Whole Musician Way.


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